MRS Spring Meeting First Time in Phoenix, Arizona

 “ Understanding how materials are put together, how they can be used, how they can be changed, how they can be improved— or creating new materials that have never existed before—that’s material science.”

-Material Research Society

The Material Research Society for the first time is having its Spring Meeting in  The Phoenix Convention Center. Material interdisciplinary scientists meet to discuss ongoing research.

Supporting and promoting international material research, MRS hosts Fall Meetings and Spring Meetings where scholars gather to discuss material structure, property, processing, and performance. MRS, a member-driven society, counts with interdisciplinary scholars. According to MRS, 16,000 researchers are part of the organization, having members from 80 countries.


Material processes for nonlinear optics, material and device frontiers for integrated photonics, materials for next generation displays, and materials for sustainable development are some of the featured topics discussed by researchers, scientists, engineers, physicists, and business entrepreneurs.




This year’s Spring Meeting had a significant amount of sustainability research. From innovation to ongoing industry applications of sustainability, scholars seemed to agree that waste production should be avoided. Nicole Darnall, professor of Management and Public Policy with Arizona State School of Public Affairs and School of Sustainability, said “sustainability is not a trend but a cultural shift,” when discussing consumers’ viable purchases. Although sustainable resourcing and more “green choices” are becoming of popular awareness there is a long way to go as investors and companies are not moving toward a sustainable future.



On Wednesday in a panel of company investors, they all strongly agreed that “capital efficiency is the biggest determinant with material companies investment.” Eighty-93% of consumers agree with sustainability as it affects the future well being. Companies such as Intel, ATOA, and SeaGate are currently undertakers of sustainable sources. ALCOA has recently partnered with Ford to produce F-150 2016.


According to ALCOA this innovation will “improve design flexibility on lightweight parts and provide better vehicle performance— helping Ford produce the types of quality, lightweight vehicles customers want.”

MRS offered members the opportunity to improve their public speaking skills. Alaina G. Levine, a professional speaker, comedian, career consultant, and author of “Networking for Nerds” gave members  key elements to communicate and account for their research.         “Tell what you’re going to tell, tell, and tell what you told,” said Levine as she highlighted the essence of audience engagement when speaking publicly in a lecture, exhibit or speech.

MRO has developed different Public Outreach Projects in order to create a more broad interest in material science. Strange Matter Green Earth (SMGE) is a project started by MRS; it reaches out to multicultural communities through museum exhibits.
“[SMGE] was supposed to exhibits for 3 years in the U.S. It’s in its 15th year, it’s in China and over 15million people have experienced it.” said Libby Kupp, Senior Research Associate Director of Advanced Materials Processing Lab in Pennsylania State University and an MRS subcommittee chair.  Kupp said it helped maintain living standards, yet help people lower their standards for future generations when it comes to sustainability and materialism.

This year Spring Meeting counted with more than 5,000 material scientists from more than 80 countries. More than 140 international exhibitors have attended the event. MRS Fall Meeting will be held in Boston, Massachusetts.


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